Working on Essay Introduction

We’re gonna work on your intro for a minute so you have a very unclear thesis here I will compare and contrast my method of writing and also maurices method which are both very different of course it both give a difference in results for the writer so this isn’t going to help very much at all in terms of organizing your essay but let’s let’s just say that you go through maurices essay and you get down a list and I think that there is a similarity here I mean you said it here even you’re saying the writer sleeps on the paper and wakes up fix fixing his paper the fact that you say although I approach my writing assignments by this writer so this implies that this is a difference right so then up here we’re going to say that the main difference that you have according to your introduction is reading the essay before going to sleep it’s what you do with that first draft when you’re done when the first. Find out how to work with drafts on

But you also have a similarity when you write the first draft in the sense that you brainstorm like Marius does right so now we can we can really we can rework your thesis a little bit because we can incorporate the difference and the similarity into the thesis and then let’s see we go to the second draft and you say that let’s see the like Marius you also make big changes in the second draft or you’re willing to make big changes or radical changes and what’s in the third draft that like Marius you also focus on sharpening sentences and choosing and you like to choose the right word and so on okay now what we have to do is take these ideas and then figure out how to write a thesis which incorporates these points so it might be logical with the excuse me you’ve got a cold right now but how about this what if you mention the difference first and then you talk about the similarities.

After that and then it makes it easy so you might say now thinking Marius Marius says this if you go into the book on page where is it page 91 he says when you said everything you say in this draft print it out and then get up and go sit somewhere else without making any Corrections so you guys different what you do when you print this first draft right so let’s say we different terms okay so I think we have something here remember writing the thesis is is probably one of the most time-consuming aspects of this kind of paper because it really frames everything that’s going to happen after that so let’s take a look what we have so far you say although Mars and I differ in terms of what we do when we print the first draft we’re similar in our first draft and that we both write outlines or brainstorm before writing the paper.