The Topic Sentence Of The Paragraph

Let`s  take a look at the topic sentences now again the topic sentences you should be doing two things with your topic sentence each topic sentence should refer back to number one the thesis in this case individuals growth or personal growth so that’s the one thing it should refer back to and secondly it should refer to a specific division and by doing that it keeps the reader focus in a sense you’re telling the reader these are the things that I’m focusing on in this paragraph now one other thing you need to focus on for this kind of writing again. Find out what`s to focus on when doing revision at Edusson.

When you’re writing when you’re reporting on information you need to make sure that you’re including that report discourse words or phrases that show that it’s not you that believes this idea but it’s somebody else so you want to maintain that more objective stance so we can take a look at these you guys read this one already and I don’t see the change they made both men on and gutting believe exposure to the views of different professors is crucial to intellectual growth very good so here they did much better job they made it clearer that they’re working with intellectual growth so that’s that idea of connecting back to connecting back to the thesis in this case individual growth and then here they did pretty good job right off the bat of professors teaching so but here they made a little clear reviews of different professors and I’m sure you guys noticed here if they say both Menand and gutting they’re making it clear that it’s not their idea it’s someone else’s idea here for instance if our reader comes across this sentence they’re going to think missus the writers view it’s not reporting information this is you’re making an argument and you want to pull away from that again for this kind of writing we’re going to be moving on to argumentative writing for essay number two.

But for this writing you want to keep that distance that objectivity and you want to use rapport discourse speaking of rapport discourse we can see right here they say many writers classic way of setting up and creating a bit of distance from the information you’re using from the information in your reporting and you can see here they did not do that in the rough draft but they’re setting it up right off the bat here again they’re using repetition students growth so the reader gets that keyword of growth again so they understand that’s the thesis and then here they have variety of courses exploring different fields of knowledge okay they’re not using direct repetition but I think readers can see that variety of courses in different fields of knowledge are pretty much the same thing so that’s a good job of using synonyms to help the read or make that connection and see the connection between the topic sentence or the paragraph.