Meandering Minds


Have you ever introduced yourself to your mind? Mind you, it can be a very pleasant or a very scary experience…and I am here to tell you that there are some really scary minds on this beautiful orb we call Earth. I’m not speaking of the physical mind (the brain), but what makes us who we are.

Naturally, our mind is the result of many combinations of things. One of the most influencing factors are those folks who raised us, and another one is the environment/s in which we were raised. Of course, the types of schools we attended, and the different sorts of teachers are two more areas which took their parts in shaping us to what we are today. And we cannot forget those with whom we work and play. Plus, we must include how we interacted with all those humanoids and environments.

In other words, we are the exact sum total of everyone we met, everything we did, everywhere we went, everything we learned, and everything we thought. And if some of us wish to get a very rude awakening of the type of individual we have become, all that is necessary is to stand back and take a long, hard, and thoughtful look at who are friends are.

What do they do? Do they drink a lot? Do they read good books? Do they read anything at all? Do they curse a lot? Do they do it in public? Do they seem to have some morals and principles? Do we? If we do take a good look at our friends, and we are not happy with our results, then it is time to find new friends.

As we are all aware, we have within ourselves the total power to control all that we say, do, and think … we can be any type of person we wish to be. We can transform our entire being through reading, writing of ourselves(self discovery), learning of what makes excellent moral character, and then incorporating it all into our everyday thoughts, words, and actions.