Meandering Minds 2

Of course, by acting upon positive attributes, we cannot help but be an extremely positive influence upon all those with whom we come into contact with. And of natural course, we will attract good people who will be a great plus in our lives, and therefore enjoy our everyday lives even more.

When we apply what it takes to condition ourselves to learn of ideals and actions that will transform us from a lowly state in our mental and physical worlds, we will soon begin to notice how very much we regenerating ourselves into a human being who is suddenly accomplishing that which we had no thought of completing before. By the very law of cause and effect, we will soon control almost all that is around us…our attitudes will become positive, we will soon improve upon our everyday lives, we will soon discover that much of the stress and depression in our lives are no longer an influence.

As we are all motivated by that which we fear, and that which makes us happy, we will one day awaken to find that all of our fears are slowly disappearing into the misty dimension of foreverness, and that our everyday happiness increases in direct proportion to the improvement of our attitude, and our positive learning. As an added advantage, we soon realize that our confidence in ourselves is greatly increasing, and that there is a bright light at the end of every dark tunnel.

If we face some chore that has to be faced, and we just seem to know that it is going to be an unpleasant experience, then we need to change our attitude towards it. And altering our attitude is not near as hard as you may believe.

For instance; we wake up in the morning, and while we are stretching, we think to ourselves: “I cannot believe I have to go to work on such a lovely day…dang, I hate that!”