Helpful Essay: Employer Salary Negotiation Tips

You hold the purse strings, so salary negotiations are easy, right? Wrong. Salary negotiations are like Goldilocks and the Three Bears: You can’t be too eager and pay too much. You can’t be stingy and pay too little. You want it to be just right—for both your organization and the applicant.

To be successful at salary negotiations, you need to do your homework and play fair. Here’s how:

  1. Understand how the job and salary fit into the:
  • Industry. Are you a boom or bust industry? Silicon Valley or Rust Belt?
  • Organization. What is commensurate with what others are earning who perform similar responsibilities? Do some investigation into what each candidate currently earns and has earned in previous positions. You can get this information checking references or through W-2 forms (if candidates share them).
  • Geographic area. Does your area cost more to live in? Is it more/less desirable to live in?
  • Fair market value. What’s the job really worth? What’s the range that someone in this position deserves based on skills, experience and work responsibilities? Research sites like to obtain objective information.
  • Compare how the salary jibes with other employees’ salaries. Pay too much and longstanding employees will balk. Pay too little for your geographic and candidates will go elsewhere.

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  1. What other compensation is involved? When you’ve reached the limit of your salary caps, stretch your attractiveness to the applicant with enhanced:
  • Vacation leave
  • Personal leave
  • Moving expenses
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Profit sharing
  • Stock options
  • Career advancement potential
  • Internal educational opportunities
  • Your reputation—won any awards as “Best Employer in the state” for example?
  • Charitable giving employee matching programs
  • Generous holiday, such as one full week off between Christmas and New Year’s
  • Anything else you that sets you apart from other companies that might win the candidates you are seeking
  1. Ask yourself how badly you need the candidate. Careful with this one. It can lead you down the slippery slope of bad judgment.
  • Too much pay and the candidate becomes a target for envy, criticism and resentment from fellow employees.
  • Too little pay and you lose the candidate—after sometimes months of interviews and negotiations.
  • Work for a win-win situation. You haven’t won if the candidate feels snookered. Sooner or later, it backfires.
  1. Check your ego.
  • Be honest with yourself. Avoid resistance based on your own issues such as automatic mental reactions to the candidate or narrow/snap judgments.
  • Expect a good candidate to counter your offer letter. Be prepared to talk about it without taking it personally.
  • Don’t play hard to get. It’s a silly game than can cost you the candidate.
  1. Communicate with fellow interviewers.
  • Have more than one person interview candidates.
  • Check in with one another to keep on the same page. Otherwise, the old he-said/she-said scenario can make you look unprepared and unprofessional when the candidate mentions something you know nothing about.
  1. Degree of risk factors for the candidate.
  • Where is your company in the business life cycle?
  • Are you getting ready to merge/sell/be acquired? If so, might that mean this position will soon be obsolete?
  • Are you a start-up company, asking people to take great risks in coming on board with you at this time of relative uncertainty about the future of your firm?
  • Are you asking them to sign severe non-compete agreements that would unrealistically hinder their future job prospects, should your company go under, or no longer need this position?
  1. Put it in writing.

Once you’ve agreed on a benefits package and the applicant has accepted the offer, pull together a letter of agreement.

Allow the candidate a few days to review.

Once the applicant has signed the letter, the deal is complete. Congratulations!


Online Romance Book Review by essay writer

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Additionally, many online book stores have book clubs that you can join where you can save even more money. These book clubs are relatively inexpensive to join – some for less than $8 a month. They allow you to buy or rent their books as well as join book forums if you like. The other thing is that you choose the books you want sent to you. You don’t have to worry about getting a book that don’t you want.

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Essay: Main Street Books in Old St. Charles Part 1

You know when you have to cross a wide lazy river and drive your car down an old brick paved street to get to a bookstore, the trip will be well worth it.

I’m talking about Main Street Books located at 307 South Main Street in old historic St. Charles, MO. I’ve taken many a visitor to Main Street, usually on a Sunday afternoon only to find most of the shops closed, but the bookstore has always been overlooked until now.

Historic Main Street has the feel of New Orleans’ Bourbon Street but without all the beads, drinking, and debauchery. It has the lush charm of old Savannah, Georgia, or any Southern city for that matter who has held on to its old town feel.

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The lantern-lit streets are lined with old brick buildings, mostly home to restaurants and retail shops now, that cater to yesterday with its arts and crafts, old time candy shops, wine stores, pubs, ice cream parlors, and touristy destinations but with a certain Mark Twain flare instead.

It’s also extremely clean and family friendly, with lush greenery and flowers everywhere you turn, making it a quaint “best kept secret” kind of destination instead of a tourist trap that locals would avoid.

And near the end of the street, there’s a bookstore!

Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by the cashier. You know what that means!  I had to make a purchase! I even came with a book in mind, which I found on the front New Release table, but I decided to give the entire store a browse first before picking up my selection.

When you walk in, you find yourself in a small cramped space taken up mostly by the check-out stand. However, the tall ceilings lend a certain atmosphere to the space, so you don’t feel like the place is closing in.

There’s a New Release table right in front of you, some gift book displays and cards, mysteries and bestsellers lining the walls. This space opens up into a nice mezzanine accessible by a small stairway that leads up and to the back giving the overall downstairs its “warm and cozy” charm that the bookstore’s website boasts about.

The structure of the old building is a mix of brick and wood adding to that old time charm as well.

The mezzanine is not so cramped and is devoted to a wonderful selection of children’s books with two quaint windows looking out to the back of the building.

For history buffs, just to the right at the top of the stairs there’s a nice tight local section with Mark Twain and Lewis and Clark front and center.

I almost thought this was it. I had noticed a narrow set of wooden stairs back up front to the left of the entrance, but the sign labeling the sections that were upstairs was not very prominent. It wasn’t until I noticed another customer coming in and immediately going upstairs that I even knew I could go up there.

Upon climbing the stairs, you walk into a wide hallway devoted to young adult. It was a nice clean section with all the bestsellers clearly labeled.